Mussel Rock

Mussel Rock also known as the Dumps is an unrated site about 20 minutes southwest of San Francisco. Although this site is unrated, it should be considered an advanced flying site and not flown by beginning pilots without the supervision of an experienced mentor or instructor.

Mussel Rock presents a number of unique dangers that need to be avoided. First, there is the danger of being blown back into power lines along the top of the cliffs, or into houses. To avoid this always remember to be alert to changes in wind speed which can happen quickly, also as you climb higher in moderate to strong wind always fly further away from the cliffs. Remember “Up and Out”.

Another danger is the ocean and more specifically the surf, which you should do absolutely everything in your power to avoid landing in. Landing in the surf can be fatal. Always be conscious of how high the tide is. If you chose to fly during high tide, be absolutely sure of your ability not to sink out on the beach if the wind is on the lighter side. If you do land in the surf, your number one priority is to get out of your harness and away from your glider without getting tangled in the lines. Only after you are completely free of your glider should you even consider trying to retrieve your equipment from the surf.

For wind direction at Fort Funston which is near Mussel Rock, call 415.333.0100 or 415.584.9891.

Local pilot kiting Cheetah Launch Mussel Rock 2018.