When selecting an instructor it’s a good idea to call around to different schools, talk to the instructors and find one you have good “chemistry” with before signing up for lessons. Below is a list of Paragliding schools in the San Francisco Bay area along with contact information for each one.

Paragliding San Francisco
Mike Fifield
USHPA Advanced Instructor
USHPS Advanced Tandem Instructor
ASC PPG Instructor
(530) 263 7558

Fly Zephyr
Kim Galvin
USHPA Advanced Instructor
(510) 912-3943

Air Time
Jeff Greenbaum
457 Norfolk Dr.
Pacifica, CA 94044

(415) 310-7411


Lift Paragliding
Jesse Meyer
USHPA Advanced Instructor
USHAP Advanced Tandem Instructor 

Merlin Flight School
Wally Anderson
USHPA Advanced Instructor
(415) 456-3670

Advanced Paragliding
Julie Spiegler
USHPA Advanced Instructor
(415) 218-3237



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