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The Perch 


The Perch is the second-highest launch at Mussel Rock Park and is usually one of the first to become flyable. The Perch is beginner-friendly due to its large size and steep terrain, which results in a good amount of ground clearance immediately after takeoff.  The Perch is located directly downwind and well within glide of the main landing area, providing an easy bailout.


The trailhead leading to the Perch is located in the back left corner of Coyote, as shown below. The main trail runs through the wooded area behind the ridge south of coyote and becomes quite steep towards the end. Although the trail is well-worn, it cuts through some areas of thick vegetation with a few patches of stinging nettle and poison oak, so be careful about touching any plants along the trail unless you know how to identify these two.  

Location of the Perch.

There are two trials which lead to the Perch. One starts from the back side of Coyote, just to the left of the bench. Directions to the second trail can be found here


Altitude 387 ft MSL
The launch faces west, but is flyable in anything from SSW to NW conditions. As the wind gets more north, be cautious of possible turbulence coming off the spine to the right of launch.