Mussel Rock also known as the Dumps is an unrated site about 20 minutes southwest of San Francisco. Although this site is unrated, it should be considered an advanced flying site and not flown by beginning pilots without the supervision of an experienced mentor or instructor.

Mussel Rock presents a number of unique dangers that need to be avoided. First there is the danger of being blown back into power lines or houses along the Westlake cliffs. And second there is the danger of landing in the ocean or surf which has resulted in a number of fatalities over the years. 


Launch Locations

Mussel Rock Park has main 7 launch locations. The ability to select the appropriate launch, based on current weather conditions and pilot skill level, is critically important to having a safe flight. Below are detailed guides for each launch. Below you will find in depth guides to each launch.  

Launch Guides



120 Westline Dr. Daly City, CA 94015


Mussel Rock is located about 20 minutes SW of San Francisco, near the border of between Pacifica and Daly City. Below are directions from San Francisco. 

Take I-280 S 
Keep right at the fork to continue on CA-1 S
Take exit 507 for Palmetto Ave
Turn right onto Palmetto Ave (You’ll pass a McDonald’s on your left, which is the last bathroom stop)

Turn left on Westline Dr

Stay to the left on Westline Dr and follow it to the end, where you’ll find the parking lot for Mussel Rock Open space park, which is near an old dump transfer station. 

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